‘Asian children are victims of grooming too’

Huffington Post reported on the Muslim Women’s Network report, ‘Unheard Voices’ which examines sexual exploitation and abuse amongst Asian and Muslim children, and young girls, through 35 case studies. They asked whether I thought the report would debunk the EDL myth that Pakistani and Muslim men target ‘white girls’. Click below to read what I had to say:


1 Comments on “‘Asian children are victims of grooming too’”

  1. Well, you certainly managed to get your name dropped here and there but having read your article, I have to ask you the question: Why are you so proud of this “study”? All it shows is that men from your community are not fussy about their female victims and will prey on young Muslim girls as well as white ones. What an odd way for you to look at the world! “our men are rapists, but they aren’t racists”!!

    We all know that in Islamic culture, for the want of a better word, women are goods and chattels for Islamic men. Rape victims are caricatured as having “deserved it”, and are usually punished, while the men get off scot free. White women, as infidels, are even more deserving of a man’s attention.

    As long as this issue is brushed under the carpet, nothing will change. Why are Muslims so fearful of a debate on it? Is it because it strikes at the heart of what it means to be Muslim? Please answer.

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