Akeela Ahmed named one of Stylist’s Women of the Year 2017: The activist who helped organise the Women’s March On London


Image Credit: Stylist Magazine

So this week I was named one of Stylist magazine’s Women of the Year 2017. I still can’t quite believe it. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, love and uplifting messages received from friends and colleagues 💕 following the feature.

Being involved with, and speaking at the Women’s March London was incredible for so many reasons but it is only now that I reflect some 11 months later, that I understand just how deeply impactful it was for me – for the first time in my life I had been supported to stand up and speak against all the various injustices facing women today – in my own words and on my own terms. And on a huge platform to thousands of people, from all walks of life. That was, and still is today immensely empowering and transformative. For having created this space of solidarity, I have much love for all the amazing women involved in organising WML, who are and were so open and trusting.

With the feature in Stylist, I had the opportunity to speak again, freely without fear and without someone else’s agenda being imposed upon me. I hope the piece goes some way to progress the narratives and perceptions of Muslim women. Kudos to Stylist who featured not just me but two other inspirational Muslim Women. We really are better when we #StandTogether

Image credit: Stylist Magazine

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