Women’s right to vote: Marking 100 years

February the 6th 2018 marked 100 years since some women won the right to vote. I was fortunate to be asked to appear on BBC Breakfast to discuss young women’s participation in democracy and politics. I was privileged to be on a panel with amazing women each with an expertise on women’s voting and its history. I spoke about the contribution made by Asian suffragettes, an area which is still under researched and often overlooked in accounts of the suffrage movement.











I was also honoured to be invited onto the prestigious BBC Woman’s Hour  for a discussion on modern day activism and 100 years on since some women first won the right to vote.  You can listen to my contribution to the programme below, click on the video!

Broadcast live from the Pankhurst Centre – the house in Manchester where leading suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst lived and campaigned, I spoke alongside eminent women; Gail Heath, Chief Executive of the Pankhurst Trust and suffrage historians Elizabeth Crawford and Diane Atkinson, and activist Caroline Criado Perez. The programme also included an interview with the Prime Minister Theresa May.  

Below are a few images of the historic day, one which I will remember fondly.

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