Friday thought(s) of the day

Something I have observed during my short life. Everyone is born with the capacity to become a great leader, to have endless compassion, the capacity to forgive in their heart, overlook the faults of others and be kind when you see someone suffering (even if you do not agree with their actions). We are not born to be followers, but slowly over time our hearts are eroded and we forget we ever had this greatness in us. Following or appeasing the crowd/others becomes applauded and we can no longer see that this is another manifestation of our ego and ultimately results in the degradation of our souls.

Yet speaking up or standing up for what you believe in, does not mean attacking another personally or trampling over them. Something I always say, is that you can say anything you want – without hurting others or harming yourself, if you couch it in the right way, with compassion.

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