Christian Muslim Forum


A quick blog post to say that my details are finally up on the Christian Muslim Forum (CMF) website. Yay! After nearly a year and a half with the forum, I finally managed to send them an updated bio and photo to place on the website.

I joined the forum in June 2011, as the Muslim Family specialist, joining forces with my esteemed colleague Heather Al-Yousef. Since then we have worked together on workshops for Christian and Muslim mothers, on how to handle difficult teenage relationships, as well as more recently producing guidelines for Imams and clergy on interfaith marriage.

It has been a wonderful experience working with Christian counterparts on the same issues, and sharing the same values and vision.

I will try to keep the blog updated with more details of the work I do with CMF and other organisations. By the way you can also read my updated bio, on the link above!


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