When Two Faiths Meet

As promised previously, here is an example of a piece of work, I helped create during the last few months:

Heather has been working with couples in mixed relationships or interfaith marriages (ifm) for over 15 years. She was very passionate that the issues around IFM were not fully understood or even known about. Meaning that often couples and families were left in a vacuum of isolation with little support from families and communities.

I also have friends who had married “outside” of their Muslim faith, and as a consequence were ostracised by friends and family. I witnessed these friends suffer psychologically and face life changing decisions which ultimately meant that they either left their faith and/or family behind.

So Heather felt there was a need to produce ethical guidelines for Imams and Clergy on interfaith marriage, which were not theological or prescriptive but gave faith and community leaders the tools to navigate the reality of IFM. I wholeheartedly supported this initiative, and inputed into their creation, advising on the pastoral needs from a Muslim perspective.

The guidelines were launched in the Westminster Abbey on the 26th November 2012, I gave a short speech.

4 Comments on “When Two Faiths Meet”

  1. Maybe you can help me. I am a Christian priest whom has been asked to marry a Christian and Muslim. They have already been married by an Immam and now the bride would like a Christian service. The groom is uncomfortable with a service that prays to the Trinity. I am want to be sensitive to his perspective and am looking for common language to discuss this with them.

    I have yet to find the actual document sited here. I celebrate and appreciate the work done.

  2. Hoping you can help me, my husband (Muslim) and I (Christian) have been married for 2 years but have been together since high school.

    While we are all to familiar with the challenges of interfaith marriage and relationships, we now confront an issue that is very difficult and we agree that we need some pastoral care or guidance.

    We are excited to be planning a family and need guidance on the faith of our future children.

    Is there anyone you can put me in touch with please?


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