Talking about IS and appealing for the release of Alan Henning

Recent Media Appearances



Last week I signed a letter calling for the release of British hostage Alan Henning. I signed the letter foremostly as a human being, wanting to do something, no matter how small or insignificant to try and help Alan. I have no delusions that #IS would care about what a bunch of British Muslims had to say, but still it worth a shot.

As I can explain in various media appearances, I also signed the letter because I wanted to make it absolutely clear to others that the majority of British Muslims, in no shape or form, support or sympathise with the actions of IS.

Here are the media appearances:

  1. Today programme on BBC Radio 4: (listen from approximately 2 hours, 16 minutes).
  2. BBC World Service: (listen from approximately 26 minutes in).
  3. BBC Radio 5 Live: (listen from approximately 15 minutes in).
  4. BBC Radio London 94.9: (listen from approximately 15 minutes in).
  5. Channel 5 news: Akeela Ahmed: What IS is doing is not in the Isla…:

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